Pr Benoit You MD PhD

is an academic staff physician working within Medical Oncology department of Lyon University Hospital (Centre Hospitalier Lyon-Sud; Lyon; France). He is the head of the phase 1 trial unit oncology group (Centre d’Investigation des Thérapeutiques en Oncologie et Hématologie de Lyon, CITOHL,, certified by French National Cancer Institute (Institut National du Cancer). Moreover he works with pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic modeling laboratory (EMR UCBL/HCL 3738) of Lyon 1 University (Faculté de médecine Lyon-Sud Charles Mérieux, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1).

Graduated from Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (France) in 2008, he is a French medical oncologist. He has focused his research toward 2 areas:

  • Mathematical modeling of serum tumor markers. With his research team, he has developed semi-mechanistic models to describe kinetics of serum tumor markers during treatment (PSA, CA-125, hCG, CTCs…). Based on promising results, Dr You has linked strong collaborations with international collaborative groups such as NCIC, US GOG, Charing Cross/Royal Marsden Hospital, GINECO … to validate the role of mathematical modeling in analysis of traditional or modern serum tumor markers.
  • Early phase clinical trials and drug development. During a 18 month fellowship in Drug Development Program of Princess Margaret Hospital (Toronto, Canada), one of the phase 1 trial centers granted by the US NCI, Dr Benoit You improved his skills in phase 1 trial designing and leading between 2008 and 2010. Within CITOHL, Lyon phase 1 trial unit, he conducts industrial and academic phase 1 and 2 clinical trials. Dr You and collaborators are developing multi-parameters phase 1 trials, based on novel phase 1 trial designs, meant to determine the study drug doses and dosing schedules able to maximize benefit/toxicity ratio using mathematical modeling and simulations.

Over the past 10 years, Dr You is the first author of many articles, related to pharmacology, drug development, clinical trials & tumor marker modeling, published in international journals (Index H = 22). To lead his research projects, he has received 11 grants and awards, including the Bourse Walter-Zelidja from Académie Française, the Fellowship award from Ontario Institute for Cancer Research, as well as 2 Merit Awards from American Society of Clinical Oncology and International Society for Study of Gestational Trophoblastic Diseases.

Pr Michel Tod, PharmD PhD

is an academic staff pharmacologist working within the Pharmaceutical department of Lyon University Hospital (Centre Hospitalier de la Croix-Rousse; Lyon; France). He is Professor of Pharmacology at the Faculty of Pharmacy of Lyon (ISPB, University Lyon 1, France). He works also with the pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic modeling laboratory (EMR UCBL/HCL 3738) of Lyon 1 University.

Graduated from University Paris XI (France) in 1990, he has focused his research in pharmacometrics and since 2007 in pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic modeling applied to anticancer drugs. He is member of the editorial board of Clinical Pharmacokinetics. He is co-author of more than 150 publications in international journals.