CA-125 KELIM™ is calculated with minimum 3 CA-125 values measured within the first 100 days (or less) after chemotherapy start. This model does not apply in patients treated in recurrent setting. For scientific studies ≥ 2 patients, the website team should be contacted at

CA-125 KELIM™ is calculated for information purpose only. The authors of this site do no take any responsibility or endorse treatment decision.

Patient information


CA-125 measured (UI/ml)

Please enter the exact CA-125 values and dates observed on/after the cycle 1 day 1 of chemotherapy on a maximum 100 treatment day period after chemotherapy start. Do not enter value of CA-125 values measured before the start of chemotherapy ! (For example, for a patient who started the chemotherapy on June 1st 2022, who had CA-125 values measured on May 20th 2022 and June 15th 2022, the first CA-125 to enter in the calculator is June 15th 2022)

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